A girl in a stylish simple black dress on a roof of a factory.

Is Less Really More in the Fashion World?

Fashion is inherently something that changes, evolves and is open to constant expression, interpretation and new ideas. There aren’t really and hard and fast rules that one must always abide by. Experimental styles and new designs and ideas are a welcome facet of the clothing world in terms of trends and what becomes a new, [...]

A blond woman with a top looking confident into the camera.

How to Feel Confident In the Way You Look

Not feeling confident in the way you look can negatively affect your whole life, lead to a loss of confidence in other areas and low self-esteem. Those who do possess the confidence cannot possibly imagine how it feels as they have worked out, usually subconsciously, what it is that they have to do to have [...]

Defne a person

Does Fashion Define a Person?

The simple answer to this question is both yes and no. The response depends very much on the person who is being defined and the person who is doing the defining. The view of life that the definer has is coloured by his or her own experiences, and those experiences impact on their judgment of [...]

An elegant woman with beautiful make-up, jewellery and blond hair.

Adding Glamour Without Breaking the Bank

If you are among the many women who admire high-end fashions but are on a limited income, then you will be pleased to know that glamour is not out of your reach. A stylish and well-groomed appearance will not cost a great deal of money if you follow a few simple strategies for selecting clothes, [...]