What is Local SEO?

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the buzzword of all businesses today.  Making use of the internet in such a way that you are able to reach out to millions of your local customers on an everyday basis is the essence of local SEO. Don’t you want your business to come up on the first page when your customers are looking for a service on Google? Who doesn’t love this visibility? As a business owner (small or big), your aim should be to improve your page ranking on the results of search engine giants like Google, Yahoo and the like so that your customers are able to locate you online and get in touch with you.

Local SEO is an ocean. There are various ways in which you make your presence felt in the online market. Gone are the days when advertising through print & media and word of mouth advertisement brought profitability for business owners. In this age of technology, it is important to capture the online market as well as well and improve your visibility among potential customers, thanks to effective local SEO techniques. Not convinced about investing in local SEO strategies? Read on to know why this is important for your business:

  1. Very deep penetration of the internet

Today, a person depends on the results of Google for his basic requirements. For example, if a guy wants to take his family out for relishing some authentic seafood dishes, he immediately opens one of the search engines (predominantly Google) on his laptop, mobile, tablet or any other gadget. He starts searching “good seafood restaurants near xxx”, where xxx is his locality and a list of restaurants comes on his screen. He makes his decision based on the distance, rating and menu of the results that he sees. Don’t you want your restaurant to be on the top when your customer searches on the internet? Local SEO is the only way to get it done.

  1. Targeting potential customers becomes easy

Suppose you own an AC repair business, you can position your business in the minds of potential customers by registering your business online. Every business has its particular set of keywords. You need to employ an SEO consultant if you are not aware of using the strategies. Your consultant will help you register your business with the right keywords that are searched the most when people look for AC repair services on the internet. As a result, when anybody searches Google for good repair services in his area, your business would be one among the top 5 searches for sure, because you have used the right strategies and followed Google’s algorithms perfectly, to gain more visibility and improve your page ranking.

  1. Opportunities Galore

Not many businesses are aware of the importance of Local SEO. Therefore, there is a very big market for you to explore and improve upon. With the penetration of smartphones, mobile internet is also on the rise and people love to use local search engines and online directories on the go. You should be on your toes always by catering to the diverse needs of your potential customers. Take the plunge and invest in a good SEO consultant. If you can handle it yourself, don’t hesitate to spend money on some strategies. Local SEO strategies may look pricey initially; but they will give you good returns, in real quick time. Hence, it is worth the investment. More than 50% of users who browse your services that you have listed with the local search engines and directories, turn into your customers, according to a study. It is only natural that you don’t let the opportunity slip away and make the most of it, while your competitors have not jumped into the race, yet.

Tips for effective Local SEO

  1. Claim your business on Google

Google Places For Business is the page where you need to stake a claim and provide the complete details of your business. Mention your address, opening hours, areas of specialization and other important contact details on this page so that it shows up when customers use keywords related to your business.  When you furnish complete details about your business on this page, your authenticity and credibility go several notches higher. It goes a long way in improving your page ranking as well. Hence, don’t forget to list your website on this page, if you want to enjoy maximum benefits from local SEO strategies.

  1. Performance on social media is a must

Ensure that you create social media accounts for your business (if you don’t have one, previously) and get into consistent engagement sessions with your viewers about their feedback and suggestions. If you have a restaurant business, encourage people to come and visit your place, try out the innovative menus at your place and leave feedback about the same. If you are too busy to engage on social media, appoint a person for this exclusively. Do not forget to reply to user’s feedback (positive and negative) on time. Take all these comments in a constructive manner and work on your flaws so that you can earn good ratings from all your customers.

  1. Use the right keywords and keep reviewing your listing

Once you list your website on search engines and online directories, you shouldn’t stop at that. Keep reviewing your listing, update information when your contact details or operating hours are changed, link your website here and in short, keep reviewing so that you are one of the top searches of potential customers. You have to be aware of the latest keywords that are the hot-selling property for your business and use them to get the necessary coverage and visibility that you want. Google free Adwords campaign will give you a fair idea of the keywords that you can use for the nature of your business.  Have an eye on your competitor’s keywords as well to see if you are on track. If all of these are too technical for you, hire the services of a professional local SEO consultant, who will be able to figure out the relevant and latest keywords for your business, to improve your page ranking.

When you follow the strategies, You will be thrilled to see your business appearing as one of the top results on search engines and online directories. This would only mean more customers and more profitability for you.